April 11, 2008



Wedding favors are one of those extra little touches that make a big impact at your table…a little extra something that says “hey, I care about you. thanks for being here with me today”

I always advise my brides to choose something that will either be used or eaten….otherwise any time or effort you took in putting them together will be left on the table at the end of the night, right next to where you placed the favor to begin with.

A special treat is in fact just that ” a special treat” and something your guests will enjoy.

One of my favorite vendors for favors is Liz Chou of The Cookie Chew. She fills boxes with scrumptious treasure cookies. What are treasure cookies? They are a cookie with a surprise piece of candy baked into the center. Yum! Peanut butter cup, toffee, peppermint..they are all tasty and baked from scratch. Not only are they delicious but they are the cutest little gourmet cookies that have been hand designed to correspond to their flavor. I highly recommend you try one today, maybe two or three. I just heard Liz will be opening her very own bakery! Congratulations Liz! It has been so fun to watch you grow!

Whether or not your favor can be eaten..there is something to be said about packaging! In the past I have teamed up with the cookie chew to insure that the packaging added a corresponding element to the table decor for my brides. Favors can bring added interest and color to your table. Yes, believe it or not, tying all those ribbons and sealing with monograms can be worth it. Especially, when your wedding planner is doing it! It is a great avenue for carrying your theme while expressing your personality and love for food, music or whatever it may be. Any other favorite or unique ideas for favors? We would love you to share them!

do me a favor?