April 20, 2008



cause our little finn is officially potty-trained! What a big boy you are! We are so proud of you! We of course had to deliver Mickey mouse’s house as promised….

and….a little mini (minnie) mouse!

It was a big day in the balliet household. No more finn diapers! In the morning we awoke as usual by finn climbing into bed with us. Amid morning snuggles he asked, “finn go night night one more time…and then go disneyland?” to which we responded that there would be no more night nights before disneyland. Once he found that out…there would be no more waiting! He was ready! He began tugging on our arms and legs while repeating, ” I want the balliets get up, I want the balliets get up! ” His excitement was contagious!

We headed out for finn’s special day with nanny, grandpa, uncle skyler and finn’s all time hero uncle blake to celebrate his big achievement! We dropped our little mini milla mouse off with aunt suzy and shelby and finn could not have been more anxious to get there. He loved it all…the flying elephants and rockets and his mouse ears. There were way more scary things than I ever remembered at disneyland…and the occasional squeals of terror but all in all I think it may have been the perfect special day.

He especially loved the cars that he seriously was convinced he was driving on his own. He was so cute and would have driven our car home from disneyland had we let him. Just the other day he stole my keys, grabbed a skate deck out of the garage, hopped in the car, locked the doors and started up the car in the driveway. When I ran to the window and told him to turn off the car, he told me he was going surfing. Of course he was! It took a lot of talking him out of the car…uncle micah was finally able to get him to unlock the door! Ugggh. Anyway, I cannot remember disneyland being that fun. I know he has definitely found a new happy place. It may just be finn’s happiest place on earth! Thank goodness for annual passes.