May 25, 2008



Last weekend I had two events…one of which was a 50th anniversary party. The children all pulled together and enlisted my help to throw their parents a special party they would always remember.

Celebrated at the Island Club on Coronado, the anniversary party was motivated with the purpose to recreate their parents wedding. Subtle similarities such as their wedding colors and their wedding cake were reminiscent of years earlier. The bride’s wedding gown, still in beautiful condition, along with other priceless items filled the display table.

It was quite an evening, complete with a program put on by all the children and grand children honoring each decade of their parents marriage. As a finale, the still youthful and beautiful couple of 50 years performed a few choreographed dances for their family. I was told that many of the children had never seen their parents dance like that before together. What a night to forever be remembered. Congratulations Phyllis & Paul! Your family tree has continued to stretch its branches and you are so clearly treasured by all those who know and love you!

Unfortunately, the only reception pictures I have were taken by myself and have poor inexperienced photography quality to them. Uggh..sorry! I always usually leave that part to my amazing photographers! Speaking of amazing, many thanks to Gabby from Gabrielle Fox Photography for stepping in to take the very LARGE group shot of the Ashton Family! What a good looking group!

Anyone, who had an event last weekend knows just how hot it was too. The heat was sweltering…everyone wanted to jump in the ocean, the cliffs were a little too close for comfort with the kids….but can you tell? No, this is a picture perfect group! Great job Gabby!

Anyone who does not know Gabby yet..needs to. She is wonderful, kind, and talented and you will love her! Take a chance to check out some of her latest work.

I Do…still