May 6, 2008



I’m going to begin sharing photos of what is in my file for each upcoming wedding client! Here are a few elements that we will be incorporating for Kirsten and Michael’s upcoming June 14th
wedding. I am getting so excited about it! The beautiful cinematography of Marie Antoinette was our initial inspiration point…from which all else has spun off of. The colors of deep and vibrant blues and purples will be woven throughout all the details. We of course will be using fans to adorn the tables along with mini cakes in pastel hues.

There must be cake.! Lots of cake. It’s under debate whether Marie Antoinette actually said “let them eat cake”…but one thing is for sure…there was cake! She was surrounded by it. Dessert will be in abundance…as sweet as the bride herself! We’ve been toying with the idea of using cake charms that would be tied with ribbon and could be pulled out by the guests. I have found little gold shoes, hearts and fans(Marie Antoinette style). The charms would determine their fortune and could depict travel, a new love, etc. Any thoughts?

The centerpieces will be faux cakes shaped from flowers and placed on pedestals. I cannot wait to see this all put together! We have found some perfect cake stands that are gold and crystally
(not so much a word…I know)…and offer a touch of opulence. We also have purchased some of this gorgeous Graham & Brown damask wall-paper that we will be making a pseudo photo booth from for guests to have fun with. I’m off to L.A. tomorrow to search for fabric to drape above the courtyard and use as possible table runners. Stay tuned for photos of Michael and Kirsten’s cake extravaganza

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What’s in my file: Kirsten & Michael’s wedding