June 7, 2008



Jamie Hammond photography delivers again! No, Jaime’s baby is not quite here yet….but, Russ & Lauren’s pictures are! Yeah! So quick on the turn around time Jaime! Here are a few images from the day that I thought I thought I would share from last week’s wedding. I loved the dragonfly in Lauren’s bouquet that mimicked the touches of dragonflies and butterflies throughout the reception. So pretty and feminine. I think this picture of Lauren’s veil blowing in the breeze though is going to be one of my very favorites from the day. It reminds me of the romantic breeziness feel of the event and how all the butterflies in the tree were softly blowing with the wind.

The yellow against the crisp green bridesmaid dresses was a perfect compliment too. I kept wanting Rebecca (the maid of honor) to stand next to the yellow and cream tent…just because she looked so cute next to it! Here is a picture below to prove it!

The wish jar was also a lot of fun and a great alternative for a traditional sign-in book. The jar was quickly filled with notes from friends and loved ones offering advice and wishes (of course, on stamped dragonfly cards).

I will be adding a few more featured weddings to my website soon. Keep a lookout for more pictures from this one.

sneak peek: Lauren & Russ