July 21, 2008



how can you not smile with this picture?

Emily, seriously…gorgeous

I love all the colors in these images… these shots are such a good indication of what is to come in their event. A little island flair and a lot of fun!
Here comes…October 4th! Congratulations Jack and Emily! I couldn’t be more excited for you!

I love these engagement photos taken in Encinitas by Natalie and all the fun they had taking them. It seemed like they must have traveled to at least 5 different locations and then somehow ended up at the local Jamaican restaurant that will be catering the big day and had dinner together! Always a good time with Jack & Emily and then throw Natalie in to the mix and you have a party! What a great group! There definitely was an instant connection there and as a planner nothing makes me happier than to play match maker and connect my couples with vendors they love!

Looks like fall is going to be beautiful!

engaged: jack and emily