August 4, 2008



A little love for the aisle! How fun are these customized runners? They can add just the right touch and can be as simple as a monogram or as elaborate as an intricate design. This one found on Etsy by giant wombat would be perfect for a black and white wedding with a splash of color.
I also am loving the designs of L Seabol on Etsy. ..and the price is really reasonable. For an extra $45 you can add a monogram to your runner and an additional $60 will give you a hand painted border. I love how these can be made in to a table runner later or a banner to hang in your home. It is one of those things that you can repurpose later and I am all for repurposing!! It’s always easier to justify when you can reuse things again. hmmm…I’ll have to do a post on that soon.
I know these aren’t runners…but had to include these banners as well by L Seabol. Another great touch to tie in a motif or your runner
If you are looking for a basic runner…try original runners. They have over a dozen colors available to choose from with a non-slip backing. This is a good thing for all of you who have had nightmares of you walking down the aisle and tripping. Nope…no worries here! They also have some gorgeously designed runners as well…but a little more high end. Definitely worth the look though.

aisle love you forever