August 13, 2008



I just saw this fabulous idea over at the bridal bar. Any of you who know me well, know I have a major weakness for ice cream. I wouldn’t so much call it a weakness as much as I would call it therapy. Forget the spa….my sanctuary is in the freezer. I heard someone once say “Bad days only need ice cream” . I tend to live by this and strongly believe good days need ice cream too.

So…ecreamery has in all their genius created a way to customize your weddings with not only an ice cream bar…but pints of ice cream chosen by you. You let them know the grade of ice cream and mix ins and they will develop a flavor with a customized label for you and your guests. They then fed ex it to you. It’s a little pricey but amazing none the less. And the packaging….isn’t it darling? It makes the contents look that much more delicious!

I scream for ice cream…