September 29, 2008



The much blogged about and ridiculously adorable online shop now has whole new crop of headpieces. So, if even for a moment you are stumped for wedding inspiration, or you’re not sure what look you’re going for, just hop into this shop full of feathers and glitter and let your imagination run wild.

Not only are the headpieces and headbands full of fun unique vintages bits, they also come with a Haiku. Maybe you can work it into your vows? Just a thought… The combo of bright colors and different textures are also fantastic for stealing some color palate ideas from. And sporting one with your wedding dress assures that the focus stays where it should…on you.

Fabulous headpieces are an easy find right now, Etsy has a good selection too, so be sure to browse around. Personally I think they are the perfect way to vamp up a traditional veil, or to take the place of one instead! Some other headpiece shops worth peeking at: Twigs and Honey, House of Telsa, and Portobello.

And if you are craftily inclined, piecing together a headpiece out of fabric and jewelry with some sentimental value, such as your grandmother’s earrings and your mother’s veil, would be a great way to make statement, while keeping things in the family.

So think pretty and have some fun with your head.

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