September 24, 2008



When Andrea and I were trying to conceptualize the feel for her wedding..she knew she wanted lots of silver and gold accents mixed with some traditional romance in an unconventional way. Andrea also knew that rather than two specific colors she wanted a color palette as the background for her wedding. Being that she spent some time in Spain and loved the passion and feeling that Spain offered…we thought this might be the perfect avenue for bringing in a little personality and detail as well as a color palette of sunset corals, Spanish red roses and teal. Things began to quickly evolve!!

Here is a little of what is in my file …the bridesmaids are going to wear these darling chiffon teal flower headbands from J.Crew. and of course each will have a Spanish fan. The Spanish crown also became a fun motif that we would carry through out the event. Little crowns will sit on custom made velvet pillows and a pave bed of roses for the centerpieces and a gobo light crown will shine on the dance floor. We also have created custom vintage like Spanish postcards complete with vintage royalty stamps that will be placed at each guest’s seat with a personalized hand written memory from the bride or groom. Bless Andrea’s heart…this is a HUGE undertaking for 300 guests…but, it is also something that is unique about Andrea. She is known for writing little notes to her friends and she wanted to incorporate that into her wedding and let each guest know just how happy they are to have them there.

There are of course tons of other little details but you are just going to have to wait until after the wedding for pictures! 🙂 If you want the feel of this wedding listen to the Coldplay song “Viva La Vida” . Every time I heard it on the radio…which was often…since you all know how much they are playing that right now..I could not help but think of this wedding. I keep picturing Andrea in her beautiful lace gown with Brian amid red roses, roman crowns and choirs singing. 🙂 Crazy where inspiration can come from! It’s going to be a gorgeous day though!

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what’s in my file: Spanish Romance