October 24, 2008



I have been dying to share this ridiculously cute wedding! My cousin Jared (so handsome, isn’t he?) and his darling wife Lexy were married on August 16th. We are so excited she has come in to the family! We loved her the minute we met her…her happiness is contagious!

This was one of those weddings that as soon as I saw it…I had wished I would have been able to get in on the planning fun. The whole feel of it was so unique and fun. I felt like I had stepped in to a vintage prom and I loved it!
Each bridesmaid wore a different vintage prom dress. How cute are they? My favorite was the blue one that looked like little Bo Peep.
The gorgeous flowers were all done by my mom of Twigg Botanicals. I especially loved the succulents in her bouquet. They offered just the right amount of the aqua feel with the other shades of pinks and pastels.
Lexy and my beautiful Aunt Anne

Love this shot! Many Thanks to Brandon from Flint Photography for sharing these.
The room was so feminine and pretty. Opalescent aqua balloons danced above on the ceiling again bringing in a little vintage prom element.

Each table represented an important year….one in which their grandparents or parents were married, Lexy or Jared was born, the year they met, and what would be their 50th anniversary, etc. The Centerpieces were buckets filled with vintage buttons that held branches placed with hydrangea. Off of the branches hung pictures that corresponded to the year of the table. There were pictures of parents and grandparents in wedding gowns and pictures of Lexy and Jared through the years. it was so fun to look at each of the tables. I love interactive weddings like these! They are so personal and you feel like you are a part of something.
Each table also had a camera with a list of things for each table to capture. This was a great way to get to know the people at your table while getting some interesting shots for later.
This wedding was all about family…and what a great group it was!

maybe one of my favorite shots of the day by Flint Photography! 🙂 What an awesome job he did. Dad’s pockets may be empty…but it was all worth it! 🙂 What a memorable day it was!
What a perfect ending to a perfect day. Jared & Lexy, I and am so happy and thrilled you found each other! Best wishes for a family filled future together. 🙂 Love to both of you.

Real Wedding: Lexy + Jared