January 5, 2009



I love Josh & Jenn’s story. I loved it the first time I heard it. Jenn grew up riding horses and not just riding them but jumping them! It’s very impressive. I was impressed. You should see the pictures of her as a little girl all dressed up in her riding attire..so cute! Anyway, years later Jenn took a job at Mary’s tack and feed where Josh also worked and she fell in love with something other than horses, Josh of course. 🙂 Upon hearing this story, I knew that we had found the perfect way to personalize their wedding. How could we not incorporate some equestrian touches into their bold and modern color palette of black, white and green?

Side note…Ms. Sara France…why do you make it so hard for me to narrow down pictures? So many choices! This is gonna be a long post everyone, so get ready. Sara’s camera was loving Jenn! She looked absolutely breathtaking on her wedding day.

This was the carpet that Jenn’s color palate spun off of as well…a little restricting, right? I was so glad she wasn’t hoping for pinks! 🙂 Why is it that hotels love this medieval carpet so much? You’d think they would do something a little more neutral, but no. Okay off my soap box. In our case, it totally worked to our benefit with black and green and looked like we put it there on purpose…but one more reason to select your venue before you choose your color scheme. You never know what you are going to be working with 🙂

Jenn chose to carry an elegant calla lily bouquet embellished with ivory coast and bear grass loops, finished with a pearl studded black satin wrap. All florals were desgined by Twigg.

The bridesmaids wore dresses from White House, Black Market and carried bouquets of green china mums, hypericum berries, white roses and star of bethlehem.
I loved the dramatic impact of this red curtain!
We gave the courtyard, where the bar was located, a lounge feel where guests could step outside and sit by the fire while enjoying cocktails.
Their signature drink was a “Kentucky Derby”

Each guest received a marshmallow swirl lollipop with their escort card that doubled as favors. The lollipops were held in custom made silk upholstered boxes filled with polished black river stones .

The ring bearer carried a pillow of green kermit

The Crosby Estates in Rancho Santa Fe, made for a gorgeous background.

The programs sat on each chair secured with a black stone.

Each table was named after a famous race horse.

All of the bridesmaids did a toast together that was so sweet and thoughtful. It was perfect for any bridesmaid wanting to shy away from the spotlight.

Josh and Jenn it was a wonderful ride! I had so much fun getting to know you both. Best wishes for a beautiful life together!

Hot to Trot: Josh & Jenn