February 23, 2009



I feel like I’ve been away for way too long and I have so much to catch up with here! Things have been so busy! Be prepared for lots to come. 🙂 I’ve realized my postings are how my love life used to be…nothing one day(hmm..or one month or one year!) and then all of sudden there are 3 wonderful guys standing in front of you. It really is always like that, isn’t it? It is like a cruel, funny joke…until of course you find the one that is just so right you can’t help but stop looking. That’s when you really know. Anyway, you can keep looking here..and I am getting ready to give you more than you need. Thought I would share some of our inspiration for Hunter and Jessica’s wedding before you get to see the actual photos taken of the day. So…here is their inspiration board and a few of the things we had fun incorporating. Can’t wait to show you how it actually all turned out!

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