March 5, 2009



Okay,I’m loving these coffee stencils thatI found on Etsy that could be used with any hot frothy drink! Wouldn’t this be such a cute way to propose or to answer a proposal? All you gentlemen out there looking for something original…here you go!

and then this cup…what guy wouldn’t want this to show up in his hot cocoa? It’s like a modern day version of the “tonight” or “not tonight” pillow. 🙂

and what follows the “cup of Love” but a little cup of this? Ha! How cute is that? It’s like a fortune telling cup. Darling.
Lastly, who doesn’t need a little cup of this every once in awhile? oH, this could have come in handy so many times. You know those days you just don’t want to talk about it..and you just want to hand them a warm drink that says it all?

I’m trying to figure out a way to use these as favors. Any ideas? It’s so cute for the coffee or hot chocolate lovers out there. Again to take a look go HERE

I’ll have a cup of that