April 8, 2009



Today was one of those days where everything seemed right with the world.  My little boy went off for pre-school today.  I don’t know how it seems that  just yesterday he was saying “hold yous” and looking up at me with arms outstretched and suddenly he was standing there today all big boy like and ready to say goodbye as he walked in to school for the first time.  The superman capes they had were an immediate draw.  It was a definite step up from the bed sheets that he has grown accustomed to taking off his bed several times a day and putting over his head as he runs around the house claiming that he is Superman.  He tells me he will protect me and that no bad guys will get me.  I believe him.  

When he was picked up at the end of the day his teachers remarked about how they didn’t realize he was going to be that much fun.  He really is that fun!  My funny sweet little boy that is such a conversationalist.  
Later that night following pizza, Finn and I danced in the living room together.  He told me he has a lot of tricks.  I just felt lucky to be his mama and that I could still lift him in my arms and hold him while we danced.  Troy and Milla came home and joined in our dance party.  Milla stomped her feet and waved her little hands.  There is nothing quite as cute as that.  These are the moments that cost nothing and mean everything.  
I just tucked the kids in.  It’s quiet in the house now and I’m heading back to work but grateful my life is as simple and wonderfully complicated as it is with the people I love.  Even without a big day out…a big day in with my family can be one of the best kind of days.  

Big Day