May 14, 2009



Kaitlyn and Jordan have set the date for August 14th!  I’m so excited to be 
working with them on what will be a vintage Hamptons sea worthy event.  The planning fun has begun and there is sure to be lots of details to look forward to.  Having
 Amelia Lyon in the mix too is making me
so excited I can hardly stand it.  Thanks Amelia 
for these gorgeous pictures!  

Below is Amelia’s favorite shot of the day… she said ” Kaitlyn’s eyes look insane here.” I would have to agree with that. Stunning uh?! 

This is one of my favorite shots along with of course the boat pictures below.  I love the softness and texture of the sand here and how beautiful their eyes look as well in this photo!  

This is Robyn’s favorite shot and I think my very favorite too- Loooove it. 

How to choose?  Anyone else have some input or favorites.  This is going to be a tough one.  🙂

Engaging: Kaitlyn & Jordan