July 15, 2009



At Amorology, we love to have our brides pick wedding favors guests will actually use. Nothing is sadder than a favor tossed in the trash or forgotten at a table because your guests see no use for them! With these lovely Japanese chiyogami (old-paper) favor tins from Etsy shop gamiworks, how could you resist taking one of these unique treasures home!?

I love how the tins are all different, colorful and distinctly delicate. We would just love filling these with snacks like mini candies, mints or nuts for the reception! Guests could use these later as coin tins, accessory holders or even tiny gift boxes! Traditional favor boxes are always easy to find and fun to fill, but these keepsakes will have your guests raving about your attention to detail, and will surely remind them of your special day for years to come!

Tiny Treasures