July 3, 2009



We knew! From the moment we saw Toby and Amy together, we knew that they were made for each other. Amy brought out the best in Toby, which made us immediately love her. Of course I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I learned that she was going to be my new sister- in- law!
As I was brainstorming with Amy and Toby about a concept for their wedding, Amy’s love of owls and trees kept coming up. Amy has quite the collection of owls and I wanted to find a way to incorporate that element into their wedding. One of my first steps was in locating a site for them. This was going to be an out of state wedding for me which always requires a little more research but Millcreek Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah seemed to be the perfect backdrop. Being up the canyon it offered a rustic feel but allowed for just the right opportunity to add an updated look.
Amy wanted a clean, streamlined and somewhat urban look and when I found these white ceramic owls at Z Gallerie I knew they would be just the right thing to add to the centerpieces. I loved the chic and stylish feel of them and immediately pictured them on a bed of yellow mums.

I worked closely with Liz at Whimsy Flowers to develop the vision and they did an amazing job. All of the flowers in deep hues of oranges and yellows were beautiful! …and the rununculus were still in season there which was a happy surprise.

May 9th was a beautiful day…a little crisp and cool, but a beautiful spring day. It was a reminder of what was important. It had been a particurlarly difficult week. My mother-in-law still refers to it as ” the week that was” and it is worthy of such a title. We had driven up to Utah and buried my husband’s sister just four days prior to the wedding. Her passing had been unexpected. We had planned on attending solely my brother-in-law’s wedding that week but things quickly changed and we adjusted the best way we could. It had been upsetting and emotional but the wedding became a blessing of sorts, forcing us to switch gears and focus on something happy.
Following the funeral on Monday, we pulled together to finish the final details and give Toby and Amy the wonderful happy occasion that they deserved. It was a busy next few days of gathering and finalizing and building (many of you may remember the nail that went into my husband’s finger this week as he was building a cake box stand for the wedding). It seemed as if one difficult thing followed the next.

…and then the day came and for one brief hour inside the temple there was peace… a warm comforting peace as we watched Toby and Amy sealed for all time and eternity. It reminded us that there was an eternity and that our family would be together forever. The room was full with the exception of an empty chair in the front row. It seemed to be saved for Patrice.

This was truly a week of all types of tears…tears of sadness, of frustration, some of exaustion but also of joy. The end of one journey marked the beginning of another.

This may be one of my very favorite pictures by Jason McGrew. I love the feeling of it, the rich wood texture and the intricate detailing of the antique doorknobs. It seems to symbolize so much on so many levels…..the door to marriage and to something sacred and special. I love it.
I loved amy’s toes and fingers that were painted orange…just to keep things fun.

After the temple ceremony, we were off to an intimate luncheon given by my mother-in-law. I’m still amazed by her ability and strength to carry on despite so many trials. She may be one of the most selfless women that I know, always putting others first whenever there is an opportunity to serve.
I know that her own marriage and the relationship she has with my father-in-law is rare and precious and a source of great strength to her as well. There is a quiet beauty in Marriage that not every0ne always sees. The support that sometimes only that one person can provide.
Its incomprehensible to think when you’re just starting off in marriage about how many things you will go through with that person. How many things you will endure that you may never have thought yourself capable of and all because you have them standing right next to you through it. I don’t believe there is any decision more important than the person you choose to marry.

There were toasts and more tears….

and then ……

Toby + Amy: Whooo knew