August 23, 2009



To my birthday boy…you have brought me more joy than I could ever begin to tell you. You are my super little man, my protector against all bad guys. I love how you believe in your super powers. I love how you tell me they work everywhere but in the water. I love how you believe in yourself and that you can do anything you set your mind too because you are tricky. I also love that you still believe your daddy and I when we tell you that finishing your peas will make you run just that much faster. I love how everyday I get to pretend to be rescued by you and how sometimes you call me mommy princess when you are Finn the knight. You are into saving the day and yes, you are brave! I love that I get to be your mommy.

Tonight when I tucked you in….I told you 4 reasons why I love you. It was so hard to narrow it down. I will always love you more than we have years to count.

The Fantastic Four