December 15, 2009



{Photo Credits: invitations from Martha Stewart Weddings, tea cups from Oh Joy!, flowers from frolic! via snippet & ink, church from Leo Patrone, pompoms from partypoms, garden chandelier from ssss, couple engagment shot from Stephanie Williams, cake from Martha Stweart Weddings, hairpiece from icing101, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, ribbons from frolic!, lanterns from tec petja, scarf from emilymaysparks, ceremony altar via joy thigpen and tec petaja.}

Hi there! I’m Stephanie Mello. I’ve been working with Heather for a while now and we both felt it was time I introduce myself to all of you lovely people 🙂

When Heather first asked me to put together an inspiration board as a way of introducing myself to the blogosphere, I had a minor anxiety attack. How could I put together just ONE inspiration board!? I love so many colors and am surrounded by beautiful inspiring elements all of the time! I don’t want people to judge me based on this one board…will they know I like other colors, other styles?! And then I went to a happy place, which for me is my spot on the couch (we all have our own spots, don’t we?) snuggled under a fleece blanket, cup of tea in hand, candles lit, and getting absolutely lost in a good book. As I was putting the book down to freshen my cup of tea, I looked up…and was so, incredibly comforted by the warmth I felt around me. The lamp shining from above lit up the yellowing pages of the book I had read a hundred times before, and the glowing light from the candles enveloped my entire apartment. Eureka! I had found enough inspiration to create my board to share with you all. It represents everything that brings me comfort…warmth, light and color...and I know on my wedding day, nothing would make me happier!

So there it is, out there for all to see, my first (of many I’m sure) inspiration board in ambers, golds, pinks and corals. I hope you enjoy it!

Peace, love and cookies.

This is how I will be ending my posts, so you will all know when I’m posting and when Heather is 🙂

My Happy Place