January 14, 2010



{Photo Credits: flowers from Jessica Claire’s wedding by Jose Villa; cameo via peppergirlsmommy etsy shop; orchard via Studio Lovejoy; tie via xoelle etsy shop; library books via buckscountyframes etsy shop; getaway carriage via Martha Stewart Weddings; victorian boot via Peter Fox; cake via My Sweet and Saucy; plaid flowers via MayLynnFlowers etsy shop; lanterns via DeFalco Photography from Amorology; bride via flickr}

When I was a little girl, I used to absolutely love the book Anne of Green Gables. I was thrilled when they made it into a movie, and still have it on tape somewhere! I remember sitting in my room pretending I was Anne and trying with all my might to make my stuffed animals turn into real students so I could be their teacher (I swear I was really popular and had lots of friends).

I was recently going through some remaining items in my childhood room and came across the book. It’s crazy how some small material things can bring back rushes of emotions and memories. My memories were filled with everything I imagined Green Gables to be: green, soft, romantic and a bit wild. I was instantly inspired and created this board for some daring, wildflower bride.

When I sit down to start gathering images for an inspiration board, I have to have music playing. Music inspires me more than anything, so I thought I would start listing “soundtracks” with my inspiration boards so you could also understand the feeling I was experiencing. Don’t worry, I won’t make you listen to a full album of 12-15 songs, I’ll just have a few that stood out to me during the process.

Chasing Pirates, Norah Jones
Don’t Let Me Fall, Lenka
Always and Always, The Notebook Soundtrack
Smile, Glee Cast Version (Obvi!)

I hope you enjoy!

Anne of Green Gables Inspiration Board