We were so deeply saddened when we heard the news last night. Our beautiful friend and photographer, Natalie lost her sweet 2 month old, baby Gavin after his little body put up such a good fight.
I hate to use the word “lost”, it doesn’t seem right…
he has never been lost and is not lost now.
We know right where he is at this moment
and can take comfort in knowing they will be together again as a family…
so we will say he has passed on from this world.
to the Nortons…
Our hearts are filled with sympathy and our eyes with tears.
It was hard to sleep last night.
I tossed and turned thinking of all of you and the boys and how much immense love you share. Natalie and Richie you are a pillar of strength and a fountain of faith. We know you will survive this, you have already endured so much.. but in the meantime, we hope and pray that the prayers of others may sustain you and comfort you.

Amid all my tossing and turning last night my mind fell upon the image of an Uncle Gavin (Natalie’s brother that recently passed on just 2 years ago)holding his namesake in his arms and rocking him. That image rocked me to sleep too.

Natalie and Ritchie, we love you and pray for all of the warmth and comfort that our Heavenly Father can offer you right now. That you may be rocked to sleep with sweet images of a dear little boy that you were so blessed to have in your life if even for a short time.

We continue to pray.

If you would like to send condolences or wishes to the family, their mailing address is:
The Norton Family
55-691 Wahinepe’e Street
Laie HI 96762

Also, donations can be made to the Norton Family via Paypal or Bank (remember to enclose their name and last for of their account #: 1351):
American Savings Bank
55-510 Kam Hwy.
Laie, HI 96762

we continue to pray…