February 1, 2010



we had so much fun creating this first year anniversary shoot with the fabulous Jill Thomas of Jill Thomas Photography. I absolutely love getting to work with talents such as Jill who share a similar style and love for all things beautiful with Amorology, that it makes putting things together like this an absolute joy! This was such a fun project to work on and many people were involved and I am so excited to share it with you. you can also head over to style me pretty for their feature as well on us!

the setting:
a first anniversary dinner party in orange groves in north county san diego, ca
the attire:
each couple is wearing their original wedding attire to remember their wedding day. we wanted the attire to be done in a more fun casual way. what would you do if you could retake your photos one year later?
(the actual attire is mostly second hand. vintage suits on the men and gowns are vintage and/or second hand. some attire is anthropologie as well.)

the table:
we wanted it to be as if each couple brought their own elements from their wedding. so there are lots of diff
erent colors, different chairs, even different plates. we imagined them sharing their own personal touches at the dining table and creating a tapestry of textures, mix and match china patterns, hand-stitched napkins and dining chairs from each of the couples trousseau as we set a charmingly elegant table. gold and crystal candelabras add to the warm glow of candlelight alongside the vintage lace wrapped candle votives. soft peonies, kale, lizzy, rununculous and garden roses filled a rusty bucket and sat among 3 cake toppers from each of the couples weddings-to be eaten on their first anniversary as the couples shared highlights from their first year of marriage! little paper flags that read “happily ever after” were placed in oranges upon each plate as a nod to both the present and future of their relationships.
Vintage handkerchiefs hung from twine and wood clothespins across the orange trees creating a lovely sheer backdrop.

the amazing hair and make-up was done by Jill’s sister, kami christensen. we were all swooning over how beautiful the girls looked! she did a gorgeous job keeping things perfectly within the feel of the shoot. the headpieces are from one of our most favorite etsy stores, feather and frills .
the wonderful peppermint cloud donated some boutonnieres. they are amazing and actually custom made oranges just for our shoot! I adore their store, please check it out…also see our contest as we will be giving away some of these darling boutonnieres! also from etsy- me and metilda who gave us the awesome orange bow tie. I am just loving the bow ties these days and they have a store filled with them!

Also, all the flowers were done by Twigg Botanicals who captured the romance with their stunning combinations and softness of textures.
we will be posting part two tomorrow. so stay tuned!
event design: amorology weddings photography: jill thomas florals: twigg botanicals hair: kami christensen hair/makeup: kami christensen and paige christensen wardrobe styling: jill thomas and ben christensen wardrobe: second hand, vintage, and anthropologie paper elements: brightly designed cakes:flour and flower boutonnieres: peppermint cloud hair pieces : feathers and frills bow ties: me and matilda

First Anniversary Shoot