March 9, 2010



Wonderful news on the Amorology front! We can hold it in no longer! My darling assistant, Stephanie just got engaged to her long time boyfriend, Jesse!!! We share in her joy! This is a girl whom many of you know and can agree is just as amazingly exquisite on the inside as she is on the outside. There are many many many days that I count my blessings for having her in my life and on my team. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a beautiful wedding and I am so excited to get to have a part in helping her plan it! I asked Stephanie to share with us her thoughts, and yes her emotions as well, as she goes through the steps of planning a wedding from a whole new perspective, a brides perspective. There is nothing quite like being on that side of it!
And so the journey Steph’s words:

..I am so thrilled, on cloud nine, happy, you name it! I really can’t stop smiling…ear to ear. 🙂 That’s us below…I swear I’m not really short…he is just REALLY tall…6’8″ to be exact 🙂 We’ve been dating for four wonderful years and I have never been happier.

The Proposal: Jesse had planned a surprise date..I had been moving that day and was completely distracted, so I wasn’t expecting anything. He drove me to one of our favorite spots in San Diego…Sunset Cliffs…right at sunset. We walked up to the edge of the cliff (not too close to the edge..I’m way too afraid of heights for that shinannigans). He told me he had written me a poem, which again was nothing out of the ordinary…I’m one of those incredibly lucky girls who gets spoiled with flowers and poetry regularly from my boy. After he read it, I was so moved and caught up that I didn’t even see him pull the ring out of his pocket!!

Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee with that little black box open in front of him asking me to spend the rest of our lives together. It was extremely emotional and wonderful. We immediately called all of our family and friends who were thrilled for us, and then headed to one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego, The 3rd Corner in OB (excellent wine and eats) where Jesse had called ahead to tell them what he was planning. We were welcomed with champagne on ice, delicious food and wonderful company. It was a perfect night, simple and sweet.

The Ring: It’s a 1920s antique ring he bought at an antique store in Santa Cruz. I couldn’t have picked a better one myself. This past year has been full of its ups and definitely its downs, but because of Jesse’s love and support I have made it through. I couldn’t ask for anyone better or more perfect for me. We can’t wait for our big day!

Lots of love,
Mello soon-to-be Lovejoy (yup! that will be my new last name!!)

Jesse and Stephanie