February 16, 2010



Okay…we have had so many fabulous entries for our contest with Jill Thomas photography that we need your help deciding for the big win! Below are our top 2 favorite entries. One of these lucky couples will win a FREE engagement session with Jill and styling by us here at Amorology! Leave a comment here with your vote. Who would you choose and why? Can’t wait to share the results!
Roxana + Zack

Our ideal date together would look something like this πŸ™‚ zack would come over and surprise me with homemade waffles…shaped like hearts, no whipped cream plus strawberries! i would share of course. we would pack up and head over to oak glen for the afternoon. first we would venture to oak knoll, set out a blanket and the scrabble and play for a few hours and snack on chex mix, it is our favorite game! conversation would be happening which is why the game would probably take so long…we tend to get lost in conversation no matter what we are doing πŸ™‚ after scrabble we would walk over to the car, grab the kite, head over to the lawn and fly it like crazy. we fly kites and love it so much!

after we would drive over to snow-line apple farm and kiss under the big walnut tree…we had our first kiss there and that is where we are getting married so it should be a part of our ideal date πŸ™‚ we would go home, put on some spiffy clothes and head over to prospect park for shakespeare in the park. we have cheese, crackers, and wine packed to enjoy during the show and a blanket for later when it gets chilly πŸ™‚ we would end it with a “good night love bug” and love you so. and that would be it. simple and sweet. thanks for reading!

Joshua + Lisa

One of the things we share that really endears us to each other is our love of simple things, and our love of being together. We take great pleasure in little things that probably sound pretty mediocre to other people. that being said…our ideal date would start with us going to the zoo! we both love watching animals and we are the only people who have been able to go to go to the zoo and not feel like we are going to slowly. somehow we both get entirely caught up in just watching the little nuances of critter movements. since we both like sketching, we would bring our sketchbooks and an assortment of pens and pencils (since she is way better at drawing, i only draw a little until i see her drawing. then i get too discouraged because her drawing is better than mine, so I stop). i would definitely have a camera with me because i so love taking pictures of my beautiful fiancΓ©, even though she isn’t fully comfortable with it. the zoo is also a great place because we really enjoy going on walks together and talking, walking hand in hand. the zoo is pretty much just going on a really chill walk with awesome scenery.

after the zoo, we would probably go somewhere fun to eat like CPK, Cheesecake Factory, Rainforest Cafe, or BJ’s. as silly as it sounds, we still fully enjoy just sitting across the table from each other and staring at each other. i don’t know about her, but i am still completely captivated by her vivacious beauty, and i could just sit sit and stare at her all evening. our conversations would doubtlessly bounce around from important planning for the future to trivially repeating that weird sound we heard at the zoo and still think it’s hilarious.

and what date would be complete without some cuddle time? after having gorged ourselves beyond the comfortable limits, we would go to one of our homes and watch a good movie while still throughly enjoying each others company. despite having spent the majority of the day together, we would still take enjoyment in the mere presence of each other. now that right there sounds like a great date!

See, how tough is this decision? We need your help! We will be announcing the winner within the next two days. Whomever has the most votes here and over on Jill’s blog, wins! More to come!

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