May 11, 2010



{Photo credits: cute couple via Style Me Pretty & flowers also Style Me Pretty, coral cake via French Blue, bridesmaid dress via Sarah Seven, lobster lollipops via the knot, seashell cookies via a Dozen Eggs, lobster invites via Oh So Beautiful Paper }

We are so excited to have Kate on team Amorology 🙂 She’s our newest addition and has been a complete blessing. We love her style and fell in love with her inspiration boards. We will definitely be sharing them with you here and there but wanted to introduce you all to her talent. Here is her latest and greatest titled, “He’s her lobster.” In her words, read below on how she was inspired to create the seaside crustacean creation 🙂
I loved the show “Friends” when I was younger and still find myself watching reruns regularly. One of my favorite episodes is “The One with the Prom Video,” where Phoebe tells Ross, “it’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life.” I wanted to create a board that was playful, yet still romantic. Because honestly what is more romantic than being someone’s lobster?

“He’s her lobster”