October 5, 2010



Today you are three. You have not learned how to hold your fingers just so to show everyone…but that will come. I have tucked you in and the house is quiet now. We have already cuddled and read your favorite princess story, sung your favorite song and you have knelt by your bed with me and prayed for great grandma and princess dreams. In the morning you will wake up with a stretch and a yawn and I will ask you how you slept and you will exclaim in your cute little squeaky voice that you had good dreams about princesses. It is always the same and it makes us smile. You will ask for kisses on your cheeky and then grab my face with your little hands and ask to tell me a secret. Your secret is always the same too. “Mommy, I am a princess”. It’s true. Sometimes you pull the broom from the side of the fridge and begin to sweep as you recite, “I’m sweeping beauty!”. When you dance you hold your skirt at each side and twirl as you sing. You clip clop around the house in shoes that are too big for you that you have pulled from my closet. You still call the shower tickle water as you let out a giggle when the water hits your back. You love make- up and mirrors and pants are never preferable….only fancy skirts. I often catch you hiding under the table eating cookies from the cupboard. You are sneaky and sugary and we can’t get enough of you. You tell me you want to grow up to be a doctor, a mommy and a princess and I believe you may be all those things.

I love the way you can change my day just by simply saying “I love you mommy”. I love you my sweet little girl. Happy Birthday .

three’s company