February 14, 2011



Alright, you’re reading this on Valentine’s day and you still don’t have a gift for your honey! What to do!? Well, we made it easy for you and compiled a list of inexpensive and cute (a little cheesy- but only in the best way!) gifts that you can pick up in a pinch!

1. “I only have eyes for you…” pick up a pair of sunglasses and slap this sweet saying on the card
2. What every really guy wants…some great sox….yup we said it!
3. The quintesential V-day gift…a mix CD! Simply write “your love is like music to my ears” on the freshly burned disc
4.”You’re a cut above…” let your guy know you appreciate him with a razor and these four words
5. Grab him a puzzle and let him know how you really feel… “You complete me!”
6. Let him know you always have his back with a loofah or back scratcher this year
7. If he’s a big golfer, give him some golf balls and tell him he’s your hole in one
8. Who doesn’t love cheesy boxers? We think the best are animal print ones so you can tell him “you bring out my wild side”
9. Tell him what’s really on your mind…”you light my fire,” when you hand over a kitschy lighter
10. You could always use a fun and snazzy tie to let him know “you can knot live without him”
11. Every guy likes to hear that he’s hot, but just how hot is he? ” Too hot to handle,” hence the oven mitt!
12. Y’know what else men like for gifts…FOOD! Couldn’t resist a bucket of KFC with this super cute saying “I love you more than biscuits and gravy!”
13. Want to give something a little sweeter? How about a delicious and wholesome muffin with a handwritten note that reads “there’s muffin I love more than you!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Fun last minute ways to tell him you Love him