May 11, 2012



Photo by Jill Thomas Photography

We can not tell you how happy we are to say hello to the weekend. We are giving Christine and Bill’s Dr. Seuss inspired wedding its final touches before the big day on Saturday. In the upcoming week we have another great shoot with Exquisite Weddings as well as a whimsy medical inspired Indian Wedding. So much to look forward to! Before we take off we wanted to leave you with some features…

Read Heather’s expert advice on creating amazing wedding favors here
We are in love with this lovely backdrop. Check out what matches.
If you love tulips you must see this
Love is in the air, literally!
And in case you somehow missed it, see Hollywood’s biggest engaged couple. Can’t wait to see the wedding.

We’ll see all of you back here next week. We have a lovely bakery we are dying to introduce you!

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