June 1, 2012



Good Morning Friends and Hello Weekend,

Photo by Natalie Norton

What are you up to this weekend? We are waiting for the new addition to arrive. The clock is ticking and we can’t wait to meet the baby girl and introduce her to all of you.
As we wait for time to run out we thought we would share a few links so you don’t get too lonely without us!

We are loving all the proposal
videos out there, man oh man are guys getting it these days! In case
your fiance missed the boat don’t fret, he’s still a keeper. Go ahead
and take matters into your own hands with a video like this. When the couple starts eating the ice cream you won’t help but give a little love sigh.

What will Drew Barrymore wear when she weds Will Kopelman? See what some designers dreamed up for her here.
We have died and gone to chunky necklace heaven.
Such a unique idea to use as a guest book.
And this How-To for a Save The Date is so modern and fun.
If you like vintage rings check out this 1930’s platinum one.

We will see you back here next week and hopefully with a new baby to show you!


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