June 15, 2012



Photo by Three Nails 

A Father’s role in a daughter’s life is irreplaceable. We have a special place in their heart and they have a special place in ours. From a young age fathers teach us how to love and be respected. As we grow older they hand us off at our wedding and have a dedicated dance. We know no matter how old our Daddy is he will always be there to protect us. Treat your dad and husband right this weekend by letting them know how very special they are in your life. Check out these links that remind us of those special men.

Need gift ideas? How about 36 of them!
Boutonnieres just for him
Father Daughter Dance Songs
50 Rules for Dad’s of Daughters
Thanks Dad Poster
Call me cheesy, but this scene from a great father daughter movie gets me teary eyed every time
And this movie could not be more appropriate

Do you have special plans for that special guy in your life this weekend?

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