June 13, 2012



Lydia and Cote are hand’s down one of the sweetest most genuine couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with. I guess you kind of have to be when you own a company called Sweet Lydia’s! That’s right, Lydia can whip up some mean sweet treats!

After walking the property of their fabulous venue, Lydia’s parent’s insanely gorgeous 
built-for-a wedding home, we figured out exactly what the feel of the wedding should be- an elegant fine dining affair! Since their family is also friends with Vincent Grumel’s , who catered the event, the fine dining part was already set. Coupled with their love of green, we drew inspiration from the gorgeous home, and their passions – cooking and eating!

We knew the perfect person to create the couple’s inspired invitations, Vanessa from Alchemy. We worked closely with Lydia and Vanessa to make sure the invitations set the tone for the entire event. Vanessa hand sketched elements from Lydia’s parent’s home and they could not have turned out more gorgeous! Lydia’s aunt hand calligraphed all of the envelopes in brilliant emerald green ink!

On the day of the event, guests were greeted by the sign-in table where we had a custom recipe box set up with cards that read “Please leave your recipe for a good marriage” as a nod to Lydia’s love of baking. The guests were then lead straight to the ceremony within the walls of the families gorgeous fountain courtyard.

Twigg Botanicals created a stunning focal point for the ceremony by dripping orchids from the fireplace that was also lined with romantic pillar candles of varying heights.  The ceremony was beautiful and touching and we couldn’t help but get a little emotional when our groom began to tear up. So much sweetness between these two.

The escort card table was a favorite detail of the evening! With Lydia’s love for emerald green and sweets, we opted to have green lollipop letters for each guest as their escort card! Each letter represented a table and corresponded to something green. Cori from Brightly Designed created the classic day of paper elements and fashioned each couple’s name around their lollipop. By adding moss and some other props to the escort card table we were able to create a beautiful and tasty introduction to the reception.

Brightly Designed also created the table numbers for us…we loved Cote’s suggestion of keeping the table names simple, since there were a lot of tables, but we couldn’t resist having a little fun with it! Each table name also had an image of an item that was green and started with the same letter, such as A for Artichoke, E for Emerald, S for Succulent, Z for Zucchini, the list goes on!

The groom really wanted to incorporate symmetry into the event, and Lydia wanted something conducive to the family style dining they were having so we did a mix of squares and banquets. We think it was the perfect balance.

The whole reception was just magical- it was like being in another world under that tent! Town and Country did a phenomenal job transforming the tennis court into an intimate canopy that we were able to fill with all the fabulous details and furniture. Hello confessional chair, can you live at my house?

The green table letters looked beautiful and elegant next to the towering centerpieces Twigg Botanicals created. Twigg really outdid herself with those beauties! She used a mix of Queen Anne’s lace, maiden hair fern, scabiosa, mint, kale, peonies, garden roses and succulents to achieve the rich texture of each centerpiece. Each one was really a work of art!

Speaking of masterpieces…we were in love with the cake display!!! Town & Country provided the barback and we arranged each wonderful Michele Coulon creation on our cake stands to be displayed perfectly. The cakes were designed to match the feel of the wedding and of course just had to be in different shades of green! What could be better than a Michele Coulon cake…how about seven? Lydia had initially wanted to whip up the cakes but making seven cakes right before your own wedding; that is a hard feat even for a professional baker!

Can we talk more about the food!? Vincent and Lisa Grumel from Vincent’s were amazing!! All types of delicious cheeses, breads, olives, tapenades, you name it were placed on the tables right when guests entered the reception tent. That was just a tease for the rest of the incredible courses. Lydia + Cote really liked the idea of promoting conversation and not wanting the feel to be stuffy so they decided to have servers bring out platters of food and serve family style rather than plating each guest individual. Guests definitely enjoyed the interactiveness and being able to select their own food from the trays brought to them.

Guests danced into the wee hours of the night because not only did we bring in a band, but we also had a DJ to make sure the party was never without music and had seamless MCing! Rockola and David from Hit it Music kept the party alive so much so it felt like being a concert; never seen so much dancing! The night was definitely a success; how could you go wrong with good food and good friends?

Lydia and Cote definitely have the love recipe down. They are such a beautiful couple, inside and out. Thank you to Luna Photo for capturing their day with all of these to die for images that we can’t get enough of! And thank you to Lydia and Cote for bringing us along and letting us be a part of your sweet mix of bliss.

Real Wedding: A Sweet Mix of Bliss