August 22, 2012



Our newest intern jumped on board yesterday and we could not be more excited to have you meet her. This brown eyed goldy’s style has been richly influenced by her travels and exposure to different cultures. Tiffany had the opportunity to live in Europe during her earlier years. She is a beauty on the inside and out. Look for her on Saturday mornings garage sale-ing in search of the best piece of furniture to refinish.

Her take on weddings?
“I love seeing something that started out as a little girls dream… to
months and months of planning and day dreaming…to the moment she walks
down the aisle and sees her groom and beautiful surroundings come to
life. It’s incredible to be apart of that process.”

Here is a taste of Tiffany’s style in this mood board she created.

Quirky tidbits about Tiffany
Q:Red or pink?
A: How about Coral? 
Q:Scary movies or happy endings?
A: Happy endings… you wont ever catch me watching a scary movie.
Q:Hugs or kisses?
A: Both and preferably at the same time but only from the Huz
Q:Summer or winter?
A: Summer!! Nothing beats the heat like the beach
Q:Deep down what do you really want to be?
A:Do I have to choose one? Interior designer, wedding Enthusiast, jewelry extraordinaire 
Q:Favorite smells?
A:The smell of asphalt right after it rains, bacon on Saturday morning, volcano candle from Anthro
Q:What is your favorite flower?
A: Peony & ranunculus
Q:Where do you turn for inspiration?
A: Thrift stores, pinterest, blogs

Meet our newest addition…