September 17, 2012



Mary Beth and Peter are best described by Mark Twain’s quote, “Explore. Dream. Discover.”

These two are world travelers with a special appetite for exotic cuisines as well as modern American and British ones. Not only does Mary Beth enjoy partaking of yummy deliciousness, she has a passion for creating it. This quirky North Carolina native cannot live without freshly cut flowers and her English fianc√©. Peter is a man with an appreciation for chocolate, specifically Cadbury’s Chocolate. Another addiction of his is exercise, long runs or bike rides usually do the trick. They both have a big love for family and will be incorporating that love into their wedding. This duo has a passion for art and like to keep things clean and fresh. Although these two love architecture and big cities, they dream of living on a beach.

Where did they meet?
“Outside of Lager Hills on Wrightsville Beach, NC on a summer’s night in July 2008. I was walking out and he was walking in. There is a photo by Ned Leary, local Wilmington photographer, called Roberts Reflection which is a great shot of the very spot we met each other. I bought this piece last year for Peter for Valentine’s Day.”

We feel their engagements really capture who they are as a couple. Julio of Fonyat Photography did a wonderful job!

We are thrilled to be involved in this celebration and anxiously await their special day on August 2nd of next year! We are excited to meet all of the guests traveling from faraway lands like North Carolina, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, and Dubai.

Engaging: Mary Beth & Peter