October 2, 2012



Now that autumn has fallen upon us we are getting anxious for the smell of spice and the carving of pumpkins. Summer was fun, but those cool nights snuggling up to loved ones could not make us feel more loved. As we begin to plan our fall festivities we are reminded of our twilight and sleepy hollow inspired wedding. What great inspiration for a fall party that wants to stray from the tradition “trick or treat” and instead highlight romance.

How do you create this look?
Use a color scheme of ice blue, ivory, rich chestnut, blood orange, and touches of burlap to complete the autumn feel. Create arrangements of differently sized and colored pumpkins. Eerie quotes and sayings can be displayed in frames or can be written on chalkboards. As favors treat guests to California poppy seeds and include a scroll with instructions on how to bury their seeds. Add garlic and holy water to create those vampire touches.

To see more of this wedding and view the detail go here. And if you would like to take an ever deeper look at this unique occasion, the video is a tear jerker!

Bitten and Smitten