November 13, 2012



Brittany and Zack are a playful fun-spirited couple. They met at work and after a year of friendly flirting they finally made it into the dating phase, the question of who asked who out is questionable! Brittany and Zach are most similar to Claire and Phil Dunphy from the hit tv show Modern Family. Brittany is from Southern California and has an eye for style (just take a look at the shots of her home below!) and loves to blog.  Zach has lived all over the world and considers Oklahoma, Dubai and San Diego to all be home. He’s a macho guy with a love for hunting, but we also love the other side to him which loves comic books. This duo ever so wonderfully complete each other and compliment each other like a gin & tonic. Their love is so visible and we love the way Jessica Kettle captured it.

What do they love most about each other?
B: He’s a hunk! He’s the ultimate gentleman, a total man’s man but treats me like an ultimate princess. He is MY dream 🙂
Z: Brittany’s laugh gets me every time. She has a great spirit and is always so energetic, thoughtful and loving. She’s crazy, but she knows it!

Brittany is the spunk and Zach is the hunk!

Engaging: Brittany + Zach