January 8, 2013



The instant the song “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys begins to play our soon-to-be bride, Niki, immediately travels back in time to when she first met her fianc√© in The Big Apple. Niki and Mark fell head over heels for each other amongst the bright lights of an inspiring city.  They feasted on the best of foods from restaurants like Alta and Yerba Buena which became their favorites. Niki became impressed by Mark’s strong devotion to his family and friends, and Mark to Niki’s supportive and kind spirit. Together they moved to the West Coast and now share a strong love for their playful Dachshund, Mini. Their puppy love radiates in these flirtatious engagement photographs shared by Ryan C. Jones Photography.
We could not be more thrilled for this duo. The planning process is underway for their beautifully fun July thirteenth wedding!

Engaging: Niki and Mark