February 14, 2013



All of our brides become our friends, but it is a special treat to work with a bride who was our friend first. Cassie from Peanut Press Creative has been a joy to work with during previous weddings and we have fallen in love with her sweet disposition and style. Amorology is not the only one to fall in love with Cassie, her fianc√© Jeremy has fallen head over heels as well. Jeremy was not willing to let this gem pass him by so he snatched her up and we are now helping plan their April wedding! 
Jeremy is just as lovable as Cassie and she loves him to the moon. They share a bond for the great outdoors and when he is without Cassie, Jeremy always remembers to bring her back a special rock. Those rocks have grown into a beautiful collection and over time Jeremy has become Cassie’s rock.
Special thanks to Nicole with Clarity, a previous bride of ours, for sharing their lovely photos.

Engaging: Cassie and Jeremy