March 29, 2013



Happy Friday Friends!

Are you getting ready to have a weekend filled with color? Or have you been celebrating Passover all week? Whatever celebration you have we hope it is with family and heart filled. The grass is long and green here in San Diego and we are getting ourselves ready for some Easter Egg Hunts. We love watching the little ones frolic about searching for those colorful treats!

Speaking of treats … our Life is a Journey inspired wedding was featured in the San Francisco Brides Magazine. It is always such a joy to see our hard work not only enjoyed by our newlywed couple, but by a larger audience looking for inspiration as well. Thanks San Francisco Brides Magazine! We hope to go back and visit you soon!

Don’t forget about our contest! You still have time to share the things that inspire you to win a chance at modern lighting oozing with coolness!


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