August 16, 2013



You would never know it by looking at them but these two are  self proclaimed sandwich aficionado’s. It doesn’t stop with Sandwiches though for either of them. Craig can list a top 10 for every movie category you imagine and Gina also knows all the colors of the crayons in the crayon box as well as the art of baking and has started the most delicious and cutest little company called Petunia Pie that we can’t get enough of! 
As a girl after our own hearts, Gina believes that everything happens for a reason and meeting Craig was no exception! It seemed to be fate that brought them together with a little help from Enterprise car rental and an awesome circle of friends.  It didn’t take long for Craig to make his way out of the friend zone and into Gina’s heart and with that came a slew of heartwarming nicknames for each other that may have just stuck with us here in the office as well! Yep, occasionally we may just refer to Craig as Craiggy, but Cici, Cecil, Muffin, Muffy, Cecilroni, Ronies, Craigito Burrito are all reserved for Gina or her alias names Genie, Gigi, G, and Beans as Craig calls her.

So what does Gina love most about Craig?    He is seriously so nice and understanding with me. He always does the dishes for me when I cook. He has so much patience, he is so good at presenting himself in front of others and is so well put together. He is the best catch in the world!

And what does Craig love about his lady? One of the first things, besides her beautiful looks, that always struck me about Gina was how much she was loved by all her friends and people who she had even just met. She truly is a beautiful person inside and out.
..and we couldn’t agree more! Sprinkles Black and white cupcakes make Gina smile even when she is covered in them..see below for what we think may be one of our favorite treat sharing sessions captured on camera by the ever talented Joielala! 🙂 So excited for Gina and Craig to tie the knot!

Engaging: Gina + Craig