February 3, 2015



We can’t help but absolutely adore our clients Erin and Jason! These two are a delight to work with and have the most adorable relationship and love for each other. We just had our final design meeting with them yesterday and can’t wait for their wedding to come this April!

Jason will do anything to make Erin smile – including magic shows, cooking dinner, drawing her candle-lit baths, giving her foot massages, talking in funny accents and dressing up in ridiculous clothes! He says, “I do some absolutely ridiculous things just to make her laugh…whenever I see her laugh and just incredibly happy it makes my heart smile. I can’t get enough of it.” Erin says, “He will go to the end of the world and back to put a smile on my face. He’ll also do anything to dry my tears.” One day while they were dating, they spent a fun day at dog beach together and when Erin got home, she realized the ring she had worn to the beach was missing – her grandmother’s precious wedding band. Erin said, “I was hysterical with fear that I lost the most important thing my grandmother had left me…a symbol of her and my grandfather’s beautiful 50 year marriage.” Though Jason tried to comfort her, she was convinced that the heirloom was gone forever. The next day, after scouring the beach on his own and then hiring a self-proclaimed “treasure hunter,” he went back to the beach and found the ring with the first scoop of a metal detector. Jason then returned to Erin with a bouquet of flowers and her beloved ring. That’s when Erin knew her man would stop at nothing to make her smile for the rest of their lives. We can’t help but be smitten with this adorable story, and it has served as the driving force for inspiration for their big day coming up this Spring!

Engagement photos below by Josh Elliott Photography.




Engaging: Erin + Jason