October 22, 2015



With a couple as lovely as our Lori and Jon, how could we not get our countdown to the weekend started?!  These old souls found each other one night under the twinkly stars of Downtown, San Diego.  Jon’s first words to Lori were “I like your hair”, little did he know at that moment he’d one day love her heart.

Lori can’t help but swoon over how caring Jon is, and how he would do anything for her.  Jon is absolutely smitten with her kind smile and eyes.  Together they share a love for all things vintage, whimsy, and a little out of the ordinary. We’ll be taking inspiration from each to make sure their special day is truly is one they’ll never forget!

To get our weekend countdown rolling (and hearts a fluttering), we’re sharing some of our favorites from their romance packed engagement session with the talented Studio Castillero, with gorgeous florals by Bloom Babes. Be sure to stay tuned for more sneak peaks as we get ready for their wedding day!

Engaging: Lori + Jon