On Wednesday we introduced you to our magnetic couple Lauren and Aron, and now their wedding weekend is finally here!  We’re packing up our bags and heading to Las Vegas to celebrate as our two adventure seekers embark on their greatest one yet-their wedding day!  

We’ve put together a color palette that fits our bride and groom to a T.  We’ll be mixing deep blues and dreamy grays, with just the right amount of soft blushes and pretty metallics.  These heavenly hues create a strong, romantic vibe that is just as lovely and complimentary as our couple.  Lauren and Aron certainly brought out the best of our adventurous side; we’ll be having fun with a pattern of dashes throughout the day that resembles the road they love to travel on by Aron’s motorcycle!

As we hit the road, take a peek at our inspiration board below.  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for sneak peeks on our Instagram over the weekend!

What’s In Our File: Lauren + Aron