Whether you’re getting married in front of a few select friends and family or having a large-scale celebration, it’s the bride’s prerogative to want to look and feel her best in a dress she absolutely loves. However, finding the perfect, shop-stopping gown isn’t always about opulent materials with huge trains and embellishments, which is why we’ve called upon the modest clothing experts at AbayaButh to provide some style inspiration for brides-to-be in search of a more understated look on their wedding day!

From long-sleeved gowns and classic cuts to choosing those all-important accessories, we’ll be looking at different styles from around the world, giving you plenty of inspiration for choosing the dress that’s perfect for you.


Style it with sleeves!

While strapless or thin-strapped gowns are a popular choice for western wedding wear, there may be instances where these aren’t appropriate – whether that’s due to cultural traditions or you simply don’t feel confident with a lot of skin on show. However, a fabulously fresh alternative is to opt for a long-sleeved wedding dress to ensure you feel suitably covered up. Taking inspiration from traditional Muslim wedding wear, these types of dresses are far from being just modest by design – they deliver an enviable elegance that can work on so many different levels.

From fitted styles cut from delicate lace to boho bell-bottom sleeves made from floaty chiffon, long-sleeved gowns offer a surprising versatility. Working well in both traditional and modern designs, they can provide the perfect wedding wear solution for brides who want to project their own individual style while still retaining a certain sense of modesty. You can even opt for three- quarter length sleeves or capped sleeves, which can be a welcome feature for summer weddings, helping you keep cool on a hot day.


Cover up with a shawl

If long sleeves aren’t a practical or desired option, then why not consider adding a shawl, cape or bolero to your wedding ensemble? From intricately embellished shawls like those worn at Indian weddings to vintage-style capes and chic boleros, using accessories to offer some additional coverage for shoulders and arms can be a great way to add a unique style to your outfit while also achieving a more conservative finish.

In addition, these accessories can also add a comforting layer of warmth on a cold day or in the case of shawls, they can double up as a veil or headdress.


Choose simple dress designs

If you’re not comfortable wearing a big, ball-gown style dress or this doesn’t fit in with your cultural beliefs, then choosing something more understated could be key to pulling off a modest matrimonial outfit. Although, when we say a simple, we don’t necessarily mean it has to be painfully plain, but rather that the dress favors classic cuts and fabrics over showy decorative features.

Whether you want to accentuate your natural curves or cover them up, there are cuts to suit every shape and style. From floor-length A-line dresses in light fabrics that evoke a Grecian feel to silhouette sheath dresses, choosing a classic design that uses one or two different materials, such as lace, organza and satin will lend a luxurious yet understated finish.


Embellish with jewelry

Jewelry and accessories are used across the world in bridal attire and can be a great way to add some sparkle for those brides with humble tastes. From vintage hair clips and dainty earrings to delicate bracelets or floral braids, pairing your wedding gown with jewelry and accessories is a great way to add subtle accents without it feeling too over-the-top.

Whatever your personal tastes, the key to modest wedding wear is to choose styles that you’re comfortable with; and we hope this article gives you plenty of ideas to bring you one step closer to finding the perfect wedding dress that makes you feel a million dollars on the day.

Tuesday Tips: 4 Ways To Stay Modest & Modern On Your Wedding Day