June 27, 2018



School is officially out, summer has begun, and we’re busy checking off those last few boxes on our to-do lists as we get ready for Erin and Josh’s wedding this weekend! 

Erin and Josh had been in each other’s lives since the days of little freckles and braids (aka elementary school) but never knew it until their paths finally crossed later on!  She’s an artist with a love for butterflies and he’s an mechanical engineer who loves a good game of frisbee golf.  He likes keeping his nose in a good book and she enjoys painting with watercolors.  Erin’s favorite thing about Josh is his freckles and he just adores her sense of humor.  The one thing they can’t live without is each other.  

Be sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram this weekend for sneak peeks to see how we’re incorporating different elements that represent some of these fun facts into Erin and Josh’s wedding day.  We’ll be playing with a color palette that’s as bright as their love and special details that are full of fun!  Until then enjoy taking a look at our vision board below!

What’s in Our File: Erin + Josh