June 15, 2019



They met in high school.

She is a middle school teacher. He is a musician.

His favorite dessert is apple pie with ice cream. Her sweet tooth craves anything with chocolate and caramel.

Her guilty pleasure is catching up on all things Real Housewives. His is watching the Titanic every time it comes on.

She likes to relax with a Margarita in hand. He loves a good Old Fashioned.

He appreciates how honest he can be with her. She adores his sense of humor and genuine heart.

She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. He spends his downtime playing golf and flying planes.

They spend their summers staying out late in the warm sun and taking fun vacations.

We are celebrating this sweet couple today and can’t wait for their wedding to be the Party of the Year!

Photos by: Jordan Voth

Engaging: Jessica + Jaime