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We’re a luxury, full-service event coordination and styling company that caters to a highly discerning and creative clientele. We are a detail-driven design house dedicated to creating one of a kind events. As a team with over 17 years of event and design experience, we work seamlessly to bring to life your story. It is our belief that your relationship and unique personalities serve as the best inspiration for your individual wedding concept. 





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Heather and Troy met and fell in love in 2002 at the foot of Utah's mountains. Troy's guitar serenades and fun themed dates pulled at her heart strings while Heather's warm personality and stunning beauty (Troy's words) melted Troy's heart. 

They were married in San Diego and settled down in North County. Heather's planning skills, patience, and her passion for people and for creating beauty led her into a career in wedding design. Troy soon followed bringing his can-do attitude and building skills to the party.

They have been helping people create lifelong memories their whole marriage. The Balliet's celebrate love in all it's forms and feel honored when their clients choose Amorology to help tell their story on their special day!

Our family




navy jane

Loves to surf, skate, play guitar, and eat ice cream. (He wanted this to simply say "The Cool Kid").

She fills our home with the lovely sound of her singing and the sweet smells of the treats she bakes. Milla is a creative thinker, a diligent worker, and a friend to all. 

Born the day after Valentine's day he is our little cupid. A lover of the ladies especially his mama. He loves books, legos, minecraft, and wandering off to explore the world on his own. 

Loves to dance, laugh, and do arts and crafts all over the house. You can find her practicing body contortions at the end of a long trail of glitter, paper scraps, and candy wrappers.

Our life & family is what have made us industry-leading event planners



the girls

Born and raised in Southern California, Mackenzie graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism. Her love for weddings + events started at a very young age after watching The Wedding Planner. Such a classic! Mackenzie joined the Amorology team five years ago and has over 8 years of planning experience. When she isn't trying all the sweet treats at weddings, you can find her spending her days drinking way too much coffee and hanging out with her golden doodle puppy!

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Born in the Netherlands. Maggie graduated from The Hotel School in the Netherlands in 2011. After that she traveled to Australia for a year where she met her husband and they moved to the USA in 2012. Maggie joined the Amorology team over three years ago and has over 15 years of hospitality experience. When she isn’t coordinating events, you can find her spending time with her newborn baby girl, husband and 3 French bulldogs. She loves surfing, drinking coffee and traveling back to Europe to see her family and friends. Fluent in 3 languages (Dutch, English and German). 


Being a planner by nature, Lidiia has found herself planning events for over 5 years! Originally from Ukraine, she began planning corporate events after graduating in Marketing and then combined her vocation with the biggest passion of her heart - seeing and celebrating love! She realized that she had found her life's purpose and fell deeply in love with creating weddings! After settling down in Carlsbad with her husband, she joined our team and has adored creating one-of-a-kind celebrations for our dearest clients ever since! When she's not planning, you can find her exploring the world, enjoying foodie trips, or hosting dinners for friends and family!

Our specialty is creating events that capture the story of our clients' love. We strive to infuse personal touches; whether it be a cherished pet dog or a first date quip- that make each and every event uniquely yours. 

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