July 1, 2016



Hi all! Have any fun plans for the weekend? We’re packing up and heading out of town for a wedding and we’ll be meeting up with renowned and talented photographer, Greg Fink, who’s traveling all the way from Paris to capture what’s sure to be an incredible day. All this talk of travel has us dreaming of far-off exotic and romantic destinations! For all you lovely couples out there planning for next years’ Spring honeymoon, we’ve compiled a list of not-to-miss destinations to help kickstart your imagination. From sipping piña coladas on the warm, sunny beaches of Costa Rica; to toasting a glass of champagne amongst the glimmering lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we’ve got suggestions for any destination you might be dreaming of! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading up on some of these beautiful vacation spots we’ve been mooning over! Can’t wait to hear where things take you 🙂


Marrakech – Morocco

The desert might not be your first thought when it comes to picking a honeymoon destination, but head to Marrakech in April when this imperial city is at it’s finest and you’ll soon know you’ve landed in a romantic and beguiling wonderland. April is the perfect time to visit Marrakech, as the weather hovers between the mid-70s and -80s and springtime ushers in an abundance of colorful blossoms that dazzle surrounding landscapes. The extraordinary architecture, bustling souks, charming streets, and world-class cuisine appeal to those looking for a vivid sensual experience without sacrificing the intimacy you get from the city’s many private, lush, and trendy hotels. Date ideas: indulge in a cooking class, wander the medina by foot, take a day trip to the foothills of the Atlas mountains, or bask poolside in the sun with a fresh glass of Moroccan mint tea.


Galapagos Islands – Ecuador

For the thrill-seeking & nature-loving couple, we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest a trip to the Galapagos Islands. This wild and flourishing archipelago ushers in an abundance of newborn wildlife and lush flora in April; snorkel alongside your partner and a group of playful sea lions, explore islands on horseback, kayak tandem through crystal-clear waters, enjoy a romantic sunset dinner and dance to the chorus of the island birds. At the end of the day, dock your catamaran at a charming port city and stay the night at one of several unique hotels and resorts scattered throughout.


Paris – France

What list of springtime travel destinations would be complete without Paris? “Paris in the spring” has been painted, sung about, and written about the decades over. In the words of famed writer Henry Miller, “When spring comes to Paris, the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise.” No words could be truer of the City of Light, as Paris seemingly awakens from winter hibernation, gently shaking off the slumber and giving way to warm dappled sunlight, pink blossoms, and festive vivacity as the cold melts away. This city truly shouts “love” at the top of it’s lungs come spring, and would be nothing short of romantic and enchanting for a honeymoon getaway.


Bali – Indonesia

Nestled amongst the warm waves of the Indian Ocean, this island paradise will captivate you with it’s inherent mysticism, dramatic landscape, and eclectic spiritual culture. For those looking for some post-wedding R&R, stay at one of the island’s countless resorts, which usually offer romantic dining experiences, peaceful spas and private beaches. For those wanting a more adventurous experience, take a few days to explore Bali’s beautiful ancient temples, lose yourselves in the tropical forests, or take a dip in the vibrant blue waters and soak up the sun on a black sand beach. Keep in mind that while April is Bali’s dry season, this means peak tourism for the island. Book your hotel early to avoid over-priced rooms!


Bora Bora – French Polynesia

There’s a reason this island paradise is nicknamed the ‘Jewel of the South Seas’ — vibrant turquoise waters, citrusy sunsets, white sands and the sweet sounds of jungle birds are what set the scene for romance on this Tahitian gem. As April lands right before high season, the month is a perfect time to avoid tourists and crowds and instead enjoy quiet pristine beaches, perfect weather, and lower rates on hotels and resorts. Take your lover by the hand and breathe in the warm tropical air before you dive under gentle waves that expose coral reefs teeming with sea life and otherworldly shipwrecks to explore. End the night with sunset seaside drinks and a relaxing session at the spa.


Tokyo – Japan

If you’re looking for a more fast-paced and metropolitan experience but don’t want to sacrifice relaxation and romance, Tokyo may just be your best bet! The weather is temperate and the city’s world-famous cherry blossoms bloom for a few days during March and April, when visitors flock from around the globe to view the spectacular phenomenon. Date idea: Catch a horse-drawn carriage ride and take a pause for a picnic under the pink blooms, take a rowboat through petal-strewn waters, watch a traditional Kabuki performance, challenge yourselves to a hike up Mt. Fuji, take a day-trip to Hakone and soak in the natural hot springs (called onsen), or catch a ride on the Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise to enjoy the city lights from a luxury yacht! In Tokyo, the world is your oyster.


Coastal Costa Rica

Although San Jose is the capital of this Central American tropical destination, Costa Rica is most known for its sprawling beaches and wild jungles, not to mention it’s one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Head to the coast or wander through the jungle to take in everything that this lush and astounding landscape has to offer. April enjoys a dry season, ideal for hikes through the spectacular rainforests, sunbathing on the sandy coast, swimming alongside sea turtles, taking a dip underneath a waterfall, exploring Mayan temples, and cultural excursions to some of the many fiestas and festivals that take place this time of year!


Cape Town – South Africa

South Africa’s Cape Town offers an ideal time for newlyweds to visit in April – autumn in Cape Town – which marks the beginning of the annual wine harvest. For oenophiles, this means the opportunity to take part in the actual harvesting and juicing of grapes at the wineries in Cape Town’s famous wineland. For those not interested in vino, Fall is still a great time to visit as temperatures average around 70˚F and hotels lower their prices as low season approaches. Pack a picnic and catch an open air movie, explore the South African wilderness, take a day-trip to a safari park, or wander through a food, wine and/or cheese festival – they are bountiful this time of year!


Sevilla – Spain

This 2,000+ year-old gem in the southern Andalusian region of Spain breathes heat and romance. Stroll through narrow cobblestone streets hand in hand, marvel at the magnificently Moorish architecture, take a break for tapas, pinchos and a cerveza or vino, and don’t forget to catch a flamenco show as Sevilla is the birthplace of the world-famous art form. April is a truly beautiful time of year to go; balconies overflow with orange blossoms and bougainvillea, spring breathes color into the tree-lined streets and plazas, and the city comes alive for it’s festive Easter celebrations. For couples that enjoy sightseeing, rich history, unbelievably delicious cuisine and plenty of cultural activities, Sevilla is absolutely the place for you!


El Nido & Puerto Princesa, Palawan – Philippines

The magnificent Philippine island province of Palawan is considered a sort of “last frontier” in terms of ecological and environmental preservation, as it is virtually untouched and unspoiled in comparison to the rest of the archipelago – Puerto Princesa has been internationally recognized as one of the cleanest and greenest cities, and El Nido is well-known for it’s cultural attractions and beaches, so if you’re looking for pristine waters, lush landscapes, wildlife encounters, and an intimate surrounding free of tourists that makes you feel like the island was created for you and your partner, then consider this island utopia for the ultimate outdoor zen getaway. Kayak and snorkel through jutting spires of stone, snack on halo halo while taking in the sun, or take a tour of the famous underground river – one of the longest in the world!


Anywhere you think we may have missed? We’d love to hear where your daydreams take you!

10 Destinations for an Amazing April Honeymoon