May 25, 2008



Finn’s first fear: big brown bears!

For the last month Finn has been afraid of bears being in his room. Thanks to Nanny and Grandpa and that documentary of bears wildly tearing into fish…nightmares have awoken us at all hours of the night. No number of reminders that bears live in the forest has seemed to help.

Yesterday morning Troy and Finn were playing pretend bears. Finn loves to ROAR at everyone lately including his very sensitive baby sister. We figured it was time for a trip to the zoo..time to face that fear head on while having a little fun, in hopes of helping us to get a good nights sleep!

Finn was loving all of the animals, the elephants, baby panda and monkeys. There was a serious death grip going on with his daddy though when we saw the bears. We sat and watched them for awhile sleepy and lazy. Finn seemed satisfied when we told him they were like giant teddy bears. Let ‘s hope he doesn’t meet up with one someday in the forest, you know the only place they live other than zoo…wink. Last night, I’m happy to report…there were no nightmares!

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my