August 23, 2008



Happy birthday to our sweet little boy who is much too quickly growing up! Finn you are everything to your daddy and me. You are our greatest joy and our favorite entertainment. We love every part of you…the head nodding, toe tapping, guitar playing, song singing, story telling part and even the part that occasionally has to be put in time out and the part of you that occasionally puts us in timeout. You make your mommy a better person and remind me to put on my seatbelt and that “crap” is not a nice word. You teach us everyday more about what it means to really love someone and what it means to be grateful. You thank us for the simplest of things like giving you a bath and feeding your fish. You always hug people when they’re sad and are still convinced a kiss can make anything better. You have a way of making everything better in our lives. We love you and are so proud of the sweet big boy you are becoming.

Happy birthday to you….